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April 20, 2020
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An Overview Of Car Sub-Woofers

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Car sub-woofers focus on the reproduction of low audio frequencies plus they provide depth to the overall sound of the music. There are lots of types of sub-woofers in most shapes and sizes. When selecting a car audio sub-woofer, you must think about the quantity of space inside your vehicle.

No matter what music you like or how loudly or softly you pay attention to music, sub-woofers would be the most important a part of your listening experience. The little car speakers have problems producing good low frequency sound to give the music realism. A sub-woofer enables you to see the difference of a sound system along with a great sound system. Here are some aspects to think about before purchasing a sub-woofer.

If you would like the body to actually boom, there isn't a substitute for enough power. You need to pay some focus on RMS rating of power and not the peak rating. The RMS ratings measure the continuous output of power plus they are the much realistic measure compared peak ratings. Make certain to complement the sub-woofer's power handling towards the amplifier's power output.

Sensitivity and power go hand in hand in order to achieve good quality sound output. A sub-woofer using a high sensitivity rating, needs less power in producing exactly the same sound as a sub-woofer having a low sensitivity.

The enclosure in which a sub-woofer is installed on includes a great effect on the caliber of sound that sub-woofer produces. In a nutshell, properly sealed boxes always provide you with deep and accurate while bandpass enclosures only produce a higher volume.

While typical sub-woofers have single voice coils, dual voice coil sub-woofers have two different voice coils, each featuring its connections plus they are mounted on the same cylinder on one common cone. Dual voice coils sub-woofers are a popular choice among people who want more flexibility in wiring their car sound systems.

A question that never ends is what size sub-woofers plays the loudest. Well, its not the easiest question, you have to think about the enclosure type, sensitivity rating and the power available. If your goal is having an automobile audio system that plays loud and space is not a problem, pick the biggest sub-woofers but do not under estimate smaller sub-woofers. Using the proper enclosure and if properly powered, they are able to produce great sound.

You should enjoy your music while driving so get a great set of sub-woofers and enjoy.


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