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August 21, 2020
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Car Insurance: Coverage & Indemnification

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At the moment of getting auto insurance, the interested party looks to be covered against any accident that may occur. But it is important to know in advance the value of the car to determine how the companies calculate the indemnification. On this matter, if the accident happens, the entity will take the sum of the vehicle expressed at the front of the policy or certificate. If the contract allows for reinstatement, the maximum value considered would be the cash value of a car of the same brand, model, year and characteristics plus the taxes and contributions that may correspond.

If the damage is considered total and the indemnification offered is lower than the assured amount, the policyholder will have the option to replace the automobile for a similar one (same brand and model) and the companies should assume the charges of taxes, rates and expenses related to the registration of the domain of the client.

When an event such as theft or fire occurs, there could be a part that should be covered by the policyholder, and this portion is called franchise. If the total amount of the event is higher than the corresponding amount, the company will pay the difference between the exemption and the mentioned total amount. The exemption is the overdraft or participation at the expense of the policyholder, and it must be recorded at the front of the policy and in the general conditions.

Before the celebration of the contract, the insurance company will need to require the accreditation of the domain ownership of the same ones. The insurer will be able to agree with the policyholder in a term of no more than thirty days to comply with the consignation. Once the term is over, if the accreditation is not presented, the coverage will remain suspended until it is, and the premium will be considered as a punishment in favour of the insurer.

It is important to remember that the price is not the only important fact to consider at the time of choosing an insurance company. It should also be taken into account the financial and economic situation of the entity as well as the service provided and the producer selected.

When auto insurance is selected, it is important to have information that allows you to select the proper company. For that purpose, it is convenient to find out is financial situation of the entity and secondly, if it has any sanctions or similar issues.


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