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April 8, 2020
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A 2011 Bmw Activehybrid 7 Cannot Be Contrasted To The Toyota Prius

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The 2011 BMW ActiveHybrid 7 is a hybrid vehicle that bears little resemblance to a Toyota Prius or other similar hybrids. If you initially think of hybrid, you think fuel performance, but the BMW hybrid is nowhere near as efficient as most hybrids. The 2011 ActiveHybrid 7 is actually the most fuel-efficient of the 7-series model, but its power steering is shut off by the idle stop feature, and it doesn't work well in stop-and-go traffic. It's a great innovation in automobile technology but its quirkiness when driving can get annoying.

The use of an electrical motor in a hybrid means that the gas-powered motor is smaller but in the case of the BMW, it is not. Even though the standard hybrid uses the energy generated by the electric motor to reduce fuel consumption, BMW uses it to make the car move faster. Like the standard BMW 750i, the 2011 BMW ActiveHybrid 7 has a twin turbo direct-injection 4.4-liter V-8 engine. The only difference is the electric power motor that's powered through the 120-volt lithium ion battery pack. This makes the fuel economy of the ActiveHybrid 7 better than the 750i, and with a lot more horsepower also.

In spite of being a hybrid automobile, the ActiveHybrid 7 isn't going to drive in pure electric mode in any situation. It is similar to the Integrated Motor Assist System of the Honda, where it creates boost when it is accelerating, and when it stops it lets the engine shut down. When driving, you will have no idea that it is a hybrid except when you see a blue are in the fuel monitor to show that electricity is being regenerated. When you arrive at a stoplight, you will know it really is a hybrid because the engine will go quiet and the tachometer drops to zero. With the size of the engine, it is shocking how smooth the engine returns to life, when you take your foot off of the brake.

The idle stop system is pretty impressive when you are at a traffic light but it can't be the same when you are stuck in stop-and-go traffic. The vehicle will have a tendency to shut down for 5 seconds at a time which can end up getting irritating after awhile. The performance of your car may also take some getting used to because it has a tendency to lunge forward even with a slight tap on the accelerator. This does not seem to be a very eco-friendly car but the intent behind this hybrid is to add power more than improve fuel efficiency.

The 2011 BMW ActiveHybrid 7 has the best gas mileage in the BMW 7 series family however it only gets 20 miles per gallon. Great for the deluxe vehicle it is, but nothing spectacular for a hybrid.


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