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July 30, 2020
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Auto Electrical Repair: What's the Problem?

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When working on today's automobiles, one of the most difficult challenges is accurate auto electrical diagnosis. It is surprising how many systems in vehicles use electricity in order to operate. Therefore, it is important to be able to quickly diagnose problems so that the correct auto electrical repair can be performed. You don't want to spend your time sitting around while your mechanic is trying to figure out why your car isn't working properly. Whether you are having problems with an engine control issue, an automatic ride height system, or a power window issue, the auto electrical systems all utilize the same principles.

Consider the two tips below to help your mechanic know where to look first for problems, as well as to recommend the appropriate auto electrical repair.

1. Verify the problem.

This is more difficult than it sounds. Sometimes duplicating the problem can be the most challenging aspect of the diagnosis, especially if the problem is intermittent. You can't diagnose what you can't see! Collecting as much information about exactly when the problem occurs will help your technician duplicate and confirm a problem. Try to be as exact as possible in collecting information. No detail is too small!

What is the frequency of the problem?
How long does it take after the vehicle is started before you notice the problem?
Does the problem occur only over bumps or while turning?
Does the temperature and weather condition have any effect on the problem?
Does the car have to be idling, in reverse, moving forward, be in gear, etc. before you notice the problem?
2. Determine related symptoms.

Try to identify which circuit or which part of the circuit is not working properly to eliminate unnecessary diagnostic procedures. Knowing an approximate area in a circuit where the problem is gives your technician a definite direction to head for diagnostic testing.

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