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If you have ever taken the risk of buying a new or used automobile, you were probably given a warranty along with it. If this is your first time buying an automobile, you might be a little confused about the purpose of an automobile warranty, but rest assured that an automobile warranty can and will save you a lot of hassle, cost, and time in the future.

07 Apr 20

The 2011 BMW ActiveHybrid 7 is a hybrid vehicle that bears little resemblance to a Toyota Prius or other similar hybrids. If you initially think of hybrid, you think fuel performance, but the BMW hybrid is nowhere near as efficient as most hybrids.

08 Apr 20

A lot of people are sick of rising gas prices but don't have a clue on how to deal with it. Many people are nowadays paying for fuel-efficient autos to help cut back on the amount of money spent on gas. It wasn't that long ago that gasoline prices went up globally. This article discusses alternative fuels for our cars.

01 May 20

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20 Aug 20
In this age of information and technology, everything around us is smarter. New digital and electronic components make our lives easier and safer at home, in the office and on the road. Some of life's bells and whistles, like nose hair trimmers, are no more than budget-grabbing gizmos. However there are many intelligent tools that can bring convenience and safety to our daily tasks.
29 Sep 20
Picture a beautifully maintained classic sports car. Now picture in your mind the same car as a useless vehicle due to negligence of simple auto care, let's say because the owner ignored to check fluid levels and did not add oil to the engine. Not following some basic car care tips can equal the end of the engine for an automobile and the end of the story for a vehicle.
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01 Sep 20
I just turned 17 and had bought my first car. I was ecstatic. I finally had my own set of wheels. I didn't have to depend on anyone for a ride anymore. I was all ready to hop in and take off until my dad told me to slow down that we needed to talk. My heart dropped, I just knew he was going to start telling me all these new rules. Well, he told me to come outside with him.
16 Oct 20
The normal vehicle driver knows that certain maintenance tasks need to be performed on a specific schedule. If you are not familiar with how to do these things by yourself, you'll most likely need a mechanic to help you. You'll find people who can follow the instructions in their car owner's manual and potentially save a fair amount of money.
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